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We're Back..!

Hello fellow Australians...
After a long delay the AUSTRALIANS INTERNATIONAL News Service
has been largely restructured and we're back.

...and we have a lot to say..!

We start today with an open letter to the recently appointed Australian Foreign Minister and Senator Bob Carr.

The ABC News web site today carries a story quoting Senator Carr thus...
"Foreign Minister Bob Carr says he has discussed the asylum seeker impasse with his Malaysian counterpart, who still wants the deal to go ahead.
He says the Malaysian government is not frustrated by the delays to the deal."

There is then a direct quote from Senator Carr presented like this...

"It was raised by me as one of the agenda items we touch on regularly," Senator Carr said.
"They simply acknowledge they continue to support it.
"Everyone with a stake in the humanitarian argument about irregular maritime arrivals knows that you've got to have offshore processing if you are to break the business model of people smugglers.
"Everyone agrees, except the Opposition, that [the Malaysia solution] is the best option for offshore processing."

No...! Senator Carr, not everyone with a stake in the humanitarian argument agrees with you.

As Australian citizens, and citizens of the world, a very large number of Australians, who certainly have a stake in this situation... ... and possibly understand it better than you ...
do NOT blindly agree with you and your Malasian counterpart... .
Believe it or not... we do NOT want the Australian government to send asylum seekers (and possible refugees) to Malasia, no matter how 'convenient' it might be for the government to do so... and we think you'll find that most Australians don't give a rat's what the Malasian foreign minister thinks about it.

... and may we say, on behalf of many Australian citizens with well considered humanitarian values, they do NOT want you to tell us what to think, and they do NOT want you to presume to speak for us.
You are a paid public servant of the Australian people, and before you shoot your mouth off again, it might be a nice idea to actually ask our opinion..!

If you think you have the unanimous support of the Australian people, why don't you get your Prime Minister to call an election and ask us..?

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